Big Thinkers and Brave Dreamers Welcome

The Playful Visionary can be your Sandbox, Think Tank, Dream Lab and Critic-Free Zone for launching. A virtual palace where Wishes, Dreams and Vision come to life. We make art that serves as a blueprint to bring desires into reality. Vision Boards. Treasure Maps. Seed Cards. Wishing Shrines. Divination tools. Your 3D Glasses to see the future.

Preview of the Fun to Come (this Sunday Jan 20th)


Hmmm, chocolate. And raspberries. This treat awaited last year's February Visionaries during the closing ceremonies, each artisanal truffle, handmade by French Broad Chocolate Lounge, was a favorite individually requested by participants.

"Every time I took your vision board playshop, everything on my board came true!" - Jennifer MacDonald

We had a ball in January and February 2012, with the theme of the second Chocolate Passion-Powered playshop firing everyone up to complete their boards in time for a deliciously delightful intention ceremony involving the aforementioned chocolate. That's all I'll say, because the rest is a secret.

"These playshops are so much fun. I highly recommend them to my Asheville friends." – Melissa Baker, Two-Time Visionary Participant

We held two Vision Board Playshops in January and February in a beautiful room, surrounded by giant windows with a view of the Swannanoa River only a few steps away at Common Light Meetinghouse in Black Mountain. Since then, they've added a garden area leading down to the water and invited us back to enjoy it for this coming Sunday afternoon's playshop on January 20th.

Lots of miracles jumped off of last year's vision boards into reality. One Visionary announced her intention to have a baby – and she's coming back to this year's playshop pregnant. Another participant, on a whim, posted some exotic animal photos. She didn't know why at the time, but she ended up going on a safari last spring, a vacation that was totally undreamed of before she dreamed up her vision board.

"I thought the playshop was a huge success, and I'm so excited about my new board and it's awesome power!" – Carolyn Cramer

"I had so much fun...Thank you again for the experience. I love my board and will continue to create them! You are awesome!!" - Sarah Hope Bender

This year's theme is Luck, and there will be surprises in store for the participants to ignite a year of good fortune, synchronicity and serendipity. And, yes, there will be yummy snacks. After all, who can create on an empty stomach?


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