Big Thinkers and Brave Dreamers Welcome

The Playful Visionary can be your Sandbox, Think Tank, Dream Lab and Critic-Free Zone for launching. A virtual palace where Wishes, Dreams and Vision come to life. We make art that serves as a blueprint to bring desires into reality. Vision Boards. Treasure Maps. Seed Cards. Wishing Shrines. Divination tools. Your 3D Glasses to see the future.

Let Out the Creative Beast

I love this artist's Playful message on her SlideShare Presentation:


In the beginning, I created a blog. The feeling of loneliness that comes with creating something new out of nothing is certainly amplified by working alone in the middle of the night.

This blog is intended to be a place to look at the concept of creating vision and dream up ways to make vision a reality (or perhaps to "capture" vision) – or just to give vision a good kick in the pants.

So here is my blog. Voila! It's pretty exciting – with this first post I have published something, thereby finally realizing a vision. And with vision, you have to start somewhere...

The Vision for the Playful Visionary probably germinated late last fall when I thought it might be fun to lead a Vision Playshop to create Vision Boards – or Treasure Maps. (I will give proper credit to the coaches who inspired the Vision Playshop idea in a later blog.) The first playshop I gave on January 9th, 2010 was so much fun it led to another one in Chapel Hill a few weeks ago, co-facilitated with my friend Stephanie Anderson Ladd, a high priestess of Soul Collage and inspiring artist/visionary herself. And now I'm planning another playshop here in the Asheville area for March 13th.

And who doesn't love to play? So play with this: your vision is being realized in every moment, whether you let it happen passively or you create it with conscious intention. There is a magnetic quality to the future. As we pull it towards us it pulls us towards it. And as we move closer and closer, our vision is born over and over again.

Wrap your mind around that: in this moment, your vision is being realized. Something brought you here. So, when you stop reading this, take a breather and think about what's around the corner, or what you want to be around the corner. May your thoughts and feelings be the playdough of vision.