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Seven Questions/Actions to Help You Review 2012:

Summer Berries in my Back Yard, July '12

Leading up to the New Year and our first Lucky '13 Vision Board Playshop on January 20th, here is a list of questions and processes to guide your review of 2012. As we prepare to enter a new calendar year, we're offered the perfect moment to integrate our experiences of the last 365 days, the time it takes for our planet to make one revolution around the sun. This year marker may seem arbitrary, but it does give us a long enough chunk of time to create a vision in the future and achieve the incremental goals that allow us to reach it.

      "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Einstein

Enjoy answering the questions:

1.      Create your Letting Go List. What do you want to leave behind from 2012? It could be an experience, an emotion, an attachment, a relationship, a habit, behavior or addiction, a way of looking at the world. (You might think about burning this on New Year’s Eve or burying it, some kind of letting go ritual.)

2.      What and who in your life do you want to bring into 2013?

3.      Make a list of all your high points, successes and accomplishments.

4.      Review actions you’re learned from. Is there anything you might have done differently?

5.      What people or experiences served to inspire, teach or mentor you in 2012?

6.      Who did you nurture, inspire, teach or mentor this past year?

7.      Who do you need to forgive? Take some time over the next few days to create your own forgiveness process for those people. And, of course, include yourself. You might also think of forgiving G-d or whatever spiritual force you believe in.


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